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What are Sim 3 Mods?

Sim 3 Mod Apk is an old game and there are many charming additions and updates available to make the game more interesting. Here is the list of several mods that you can add to keep the plot engaging and fun with sims 3 money mod apk .


  1. Ultra plain eyes


This is one of the most promising ways to add extra illuminating and coloring eyes. The alteration is minor but very convincing and noticeable.


  1. Zebru’s Ultimate career Mod


In this Mod you can assign tasks to your sim and control them. Unlike, other versions where the sim vanished in a virtual car with sims 3 money mod apk .


  1. Traits expansion at all ages


By default, there are limited number of traits in the sim. Many characters may even be boring and dull as they age. However, installing this Mod adds more traits as they age. Thus, keeping the plot more engaging and fun. The traits are not in one’s control after first place insertion. Once you have coded the traits with Mods, the sim will continue to have that trait even when you remove the Mod.


  1. Jump to action with No intro Mod


Sims has a really long intro. If you are someone who is not very much interested in Intro then you can simply jump into action and start the game.


  1. Traveler



If you want your sim to jump from one world to another then this mod will surely help. You can easily move your sims across multiple locations without losing relationships.


  1. Tagger


Sim3 has a massive plot. The big map has many small locations that are difficult to remember. This mod allows tagging each of the entities so that it is easier to locate things.


  1. Woohoer

It’s a casual approach to dating and making friends. This mod allows sims to get pregnant and involve in intimacy.


  1. The Sim1 music Mod


This one takes you back to the olden times when only one “sims” existed.



  1. The Third Person Mod


This is a perfect Mod in case you want to play as sims as a completely another game. It gives you a fair chance to live an entirely different virtual life from your current sims 3 mod apk unlimited everything .

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How to install Sim 3 Mods?


  1. Click on the links provided in the page to install these mods.


Download and play now!


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