This app bloxk ads for youtube vanced is the main online video portal of the Internet (4.1 and up)

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This app bloxk ads for youtube vanced is the main online video portal of the Internet
Publisher Youtube Vanced
Size Varies with device
Latest Version 15.05.54
MOD Info 4.1 and up
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Update 22 July 2020
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This app bloxk ads for youtube vanced is the main online video portal of the Internet


About Youtube Vanced Apk

Youtube Vanced Apk  is a video streaming app widely used to watch videos, movies, and create content for marketing. The transition from blogs and written format of promotions to videos has tremendously fuelled businesses and media to switch to youtube.Probably, youtube is the new generation television, and none of us left unaffected from its effects. The premium version has several unique features, but it’s paid. With apk format, you can unlock the premium features for minimal or least or free. Youtube premium apk has all the free features of the youtube along with additional modified features. The ads are removed, the resolution of the video is slightly enhanced.

Diffrence Bettween Youtube Premium Apk vs Youtube Vanced

Youtube Premium

Youtube Premium Apk is one of the most used utilities for video streaming in the current generation. The relevance and craze of this application has can be weighed by the fact that many young professionals have left low paid full-time office jobs in order to become a full-time YouTuber. Many of the current generation tech geeks even make a prophecy of youtube Mod Apk video making courses to be a part of the course in the coming years.

Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced is a non rooted version of the youtube. The Advanced version has many of the features. The most looked upon ones are adblocking, black/dark themes, and playback in the background, allowing you to perform other tasks while watching videos.


Some key features of the Youtube Mod Apk

  • Background functionality: The premium version allows you to play the video in the background while performing other tasks on your device.
  • Modes: Flexibly making the transition between the dark and light mode is possible in this version.
    Enhanced stability: The apk runs on android version above 4.4. The stability is also improved.
  • No ads: Ads always irritate in between the videos. Here, you don’t have to watch any of those irritating ads. You can simply log in and watch videos without being disturbed.
  • No Roots: There are no roots required.

Youtube Vanced is Section of Entertainment Premium Apk


What are the features of Youtube Vanced Apk?


  1. Adfree: You can play videos without any significant interruption. The ads are useless, irritating, and destroy the fun of videos, movies, and various other things you watch on youtube.
  2. It’s free: The apk version is free. Someone who wishes to enjoy premium but does not have enough budget can easily use the apk version to enjoy premium features.
  3. Enable VP9
  4. High quality: You can play videos in high quality.
  5. Auto-repeat feature
  6. You can easily alter the speed and resolution of the videos.

Is Youtube premium apk safe to download?


The file has been developed by XDA developers and entirely safe to use. It has been checked by Avira, Avast, Norton, and Shield. Google play music is the additional utility you get with the Youtube Mod apk . The powerful AI helps in keeping track of the search behavior and thus provide the suggestions based on the data analyzed.


Steps to download Youtube Premium Mod apk


  • Download the app from the link given below.
  • Login using the google id and install the app on your device.
  • Run the app and enjoy uninterrupted video streaming.
  • Allow all the in-app permissions for uninterrupted video streaming.

Download the app now and enjoy uninterrupted streaming. The youtube premium apk is a perfect app if you cannot afford the original one, you can download it for free and watch everything in high resolution. There is no rooting required.

How to download the Youtube Vanced Apk?


Downloading the Vanced version is accessible on Non rooted devices. On the other hand, rooted devices must have the TWRP custom recovery tool for flashing installer.

  1. Click on the link on the download page.
  2. In the non- rooted device, once the download finishes, it’s easier to install.
  3. You have to download an additional MicroG package.

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Youtube is the new age television, communication media, and infotainment zone. The relevance and utility of youtube cannot be underestimated. Data even suggests that youtube has played a significant role in promoting the video marketing concept for businesses.



Is it necessary to include a detach script in every new update?

Ans. No, it’s not mandatory.

Can we download videos using this apk?

Ans. No, you cannot download videos. The offline video feature is available and supported for selected countries.


Is PiP mode functional?

Ans. Yes, PiP mode is functional but only in oreo.


Can I install it like simple non rooted apk files?

Ans. It’s easy to download normally on non- rooted devices.


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